hands and feet

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We are his hands and feet.

And feet slip. Hands fumble.

Anxiety surfaces and may grip tightly.

What comfort to turn to David's faith, to the Psalms
for balmy consolation and loving hope.

When our emotional middle ground
crumbles away or fear begins to rise,
we may feel alone, even damaged.

In our depravity, we may long for consolation,
for joy to be restored.

And we may become still and quiet,
seeking the Divine Grounding Presence
with quiet consent:

Yes, God. Have mercy on me,
on these hands and feet that
belong to you.

There we seek a light for our darkness.
A way through the wilderness,
to follow back to unfailing love.

In secret, with slipping feet,
we may return to higher ground,
laying down all those uneven,
rough places in the soul.

How will glory be revealed?
We enter into the mystery
with hearts wide open,
waiting to receive.

Peace to you right where you are.


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