love poems to the Divine

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I photographed this decaying mansion we
toured with our realtor last year, and we
seriously considered making it our home
before calculating the monthly
property tax.

The grounds and interiors had stories to tell,
secrets to keep, and just touring the property
moved me into a state of contemplation.

Without inhabitants for many years,
nature was allowed to have its
beautiful way with the structures.

I wonder what might become of our souls
if we became more still to allow
nature's nurturance to come.

Through the leaded glass lens, even the wild
overgrown weeds were to my eyes lovely.

Am I checking my lens often?
Am I being intentional on my journey
to re-fall in love with humanity and God's
creation to keep my heart soft?
Am I seeing it all as sacramental? As integral?

What a charming entrance to escort you in.

Revisiting this tour and Rilke's treasures
inspired me to pen a love poem to God.
(I highly recommend this spiritual exercise
and hope you join me.)

 Peace to you right where you are.


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